During an NFL playoff game in 2014, Peyton Manning yelled “Omaha” 44 times as his pre-snap call. Viewers began to wonder why he was calling “Omaha” so often, and what the term meant. As Twitter conversations on the topic spiked the next morning, I chimed in.



What followed was a whirlwind of media coverage, endorsement speculations and an opportunity for Omaha Steaks to do something good with all the attention. Before his next game, we invited area businesses to donate to Peyton’s PeyBack Foundation each time he yelled "Omaha." The campaign raised $68,850 for his foundation and earned Omaha Steaks an estimated $6.2 million in publicity.


ESPN segment

In addition to the print and digital coverage, ESPN interviewed me for a piece they were doing about the whole ordeal. You can see me at 1:21 in this janky bootlegged clip. Don't blink.




In 2014, comedian Jim Gaffigan performed in Omaha and made several impromptu jokes about steaks. I reached out to him on Twitter, then grew the relationship with him. I did the same for Actor Joe Manganiello and Nuclear Safety Inspector Homer Simpson.


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